Keeping Up with the Joneses Ain’t What it Used to Be….

With the downturn in the economy, keeping up with the Joneses ain’t what it used to be.  That’s not entirely bad.

Looking over the fence these days (or on Facebook as the case may be) it’s not the car, the house, or the stuff we envy, but the smiling faces. It’s the pictures of happy families, friends, and charismatic individuals we are drawn to.

Envy is a powerful thing.

Proverbs 27:4 Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy?

Lately, I’ve found myself sitting in a house with the man I love most in this world, curled up with an electronic device, looking at other people’s moments, rather than lavishing him with the love he so deserves.

After a while, looking at Facebook gets to be like gambling in Vegas. Time stops, your entranced, and you forget what’s really important.  For me, that ends today.

Remember, while you’re on Facebook, enjoying the pictures of your ‘friends’, you could be out creating your own moments. Trust me on this, when you come to the end of your days – it’s not what you wanted or possessed, but what you did to tie yourself to the heartstrings of others that will matter to you.

Here’s to creating new memories with those you love today.


About Angie Kinsey

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Auntie and Student of Life.

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  1. That’s some more good advice. : ) Have a good rest of the day.

  2. So true. If our “Now” moments are spent looking online at others’ “Now” moments, those precious “Now” moments are gone for us. Our moments here on this earth are numbered. How do we spend them?????? I’ve wasted years of them…….how tragic. I guess the key is “moderation”… everything in moderation.

  3. How true. If we spend our “now” moments looking at others’ “now” moments, we lose those precious “now” moments forever. I’ve wasted years of my “now” moments…….how tragic. I guess the key is Moderation. Moderation in all things, but especially how we invest in our time.

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