3 Conversations You Can’t Have Gracefully

There’s three conversations you can’t have gracefully:

  • Money: “How much money do you have? Great, now tell me how you got all that money, so I can get some too.”
  • Politics:  “So, did you vote for a Republican or a Democrat?”
  • Religion: “I’m a Christian. Would you like to go to Church with me?”

What’s funny about the last conversation isn’t just that you can’t have it gracefully, but that it bothers us to have this conversation at all.

When I was a kid (not that long ago by the way) it was considered an honor to be asked by someone to visit their church.  Somewhere along the line, that changed. I don’t know why, but it seemed to happen about the same time atheism grew in the media and Christianity became ‘uncool’ on TV. All of the sudden, it was gone like Disco.

No matter the reason, we as Christians need to stop being ashamed of our religion. Yes, admit it, we are ashamed of our religion if we can’t talk about it openly with others.

Why not walk up to your co-worker and say, “Hey, do you want to go to church with me this weekend?”

We don’t seem to have a problem with walking up to someone and saying, “Hey, do you want to check out that new restaurant with me this weekend?” Some of us, and you know who you are, feel more comfortable saying, “Hey, how about hitting that new bar with me this weekend?” than asking someone to go to church with you.

I think it comes down to this: We have to break the ice. How do we do that? By making it ok to ask. And, we do that by making it a common practice. It’s going to be awkward the first time. You’ll feel like a giraffe on skates, but do it anyway. After that, it will get easier. Who knows, maybe that’s the best thing you could do for the person you’re talking to.

What are they going to do? Punch you in the face? If so, you can say you ‘took one on the chin’ for God.  In my experience, more hugging than punching occurs.  They may not say ‘yes’ right away, but you’ve at least planted the seed. You gave out an invitation for God.

Here’s to asking someone to go to Church with you this weekend – and making it a common thing.

When’s the last time you asked someone to Church? Why?


About Angie Kinsey

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Auntie and Student of Life.

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  1. Well I can’t say I have a problem talking about neither of these topics.
    How much money do I have? “None, God provides my bread.” And a whole other bit of topics come up with THAT response.

    Politics? “I’m not political and I support who is in office because I am not a judge and jury.”

    Religion? “Don’t get me started!” lol I have tried this ‘ask someone to church’ and I have gotten, “There isn’t one in my area.” or “I watch it on TV.” (that’s fellow-shipping with Christ, eh?
    And I even know some who can drink a beer, AND then justify their faith.

    Great post Ang. If you can get ONE person moved, then AMEN!


    • I hear ya. It’s tough. But it’s a numbers game – ask everyone and if even ONE person will go – it was worth it! PS There is hope. I used to be one of those people who would make up excuses and then someone – my best friend – said, “Why don’t you go to Church with me”. I said, “No, I have a Church” and I did, but I hadn’t been in a loooong time, so that was a lie and she knew it. She planted a thought that wouldn’t go away. I had lied…about CHURCH! Worst of all I lied to myself. After a couple of weeks, I said, “Is that invitation still open?” She said, “Yep”. So, I went, joined a new Church in my own area that was my HOME Church…and the rest as they say is history. That one invitation turned my life around.

  2. pastorbijuphilip

    Dear Angie,
    Saw the blog-just great!
    I think inviting somebody to church is a gift that many lost somewhere along the line.But its something we owe our God(as a form of worship-honor accorded to Him) and also our duty to fellow men(because sharing what we have can change their lives for the now and also their eternal destinies)
    May the way church runs is a reason many have PUT DOWN the gift too!If nobody is inviting anybody else to their church-maybe its time to evaluate church too..Open conversation,constructive criticism etc between members and the leadership of churches should be encouraged.
    Moving forward together-to grow churches-to touch others!!!
    ………just a dream that I dream!

  3. Money? i told a person I trusted enough to marry about my IRA.=She Took it and left.
    Politics = hahahahahahaha bunch of losers who are too self important to help anyone but themselves.
    Church is the best thing going and I invite folks.It kind of hurts when they tell me they want to then don’t go but I do try.

    • Your sowing the seeds, my friend, sowing the seeds. Sooner or later – and maybe not even with you or your church – a person will respond. Whether they respond or not, you can lay your head on your pillow knowing you passed out an invitation for God. I find it’s tough not to take it personally as well, but then I remember what I was going through at the time. People who drift from God get so far down that they feel they’re not worthy of being in God’s presence…or members of the Church. Some are afraid, some just don’t care, and others are just waiting for the invitation. I was two out of the three. My friend said, “Come on there’s people just waiting to love you”…and I thought, “Hmmm…love? It’s been a looong time since I felt that.” Oddly enough, it was my suggestion that got her into that particular Church YEARS before.

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