God, the flag, and politics

Well kiddies, it’s that time again.  The presidential candidates are already posturing for the presidential race of 2012, so let the flame wars begin.

Is it just me or does it really start earlier and get worse every year?

They wrap their ideas up the flag, the good ‘ole USA, our founding fathers, and, yes, even God.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think God has anything to do with politics.

Now that television news is actually broadcasting what people are saying on Facebook  and twitter  – which is pretty much the same thing as broadcasting what people are saying on a CB radio – the comments are even nastier and filled with hatred. The flame wars are reaching meltdown.

Whether you’re a democrat, republican, libertarian, or independent, I’m fairly certain that God isn’t backing your candidate. Yet, there they are, discussing their religious beliefs or lack thereof, waving the flag, and telling us to vote for them.

Unfortunately, many people, like myself, are so turned off by the whole process that they get fatigued.  Many are so fatigued that they don’t vote at all. In my opinion, that’s the worst thing you can do.

Voting is the one thing that hasn’t been taken away from us….yet.

Just once, I’d like for a candidate to honestly discuss one of the following:

  • Where are the jobs that come from the wealthiest 1% of Americans when we give them tax breaks and bailouts twice the size of our national debt? My Granny used to say, “The only thing that rolls downhill is nothing you want a part of.”
  • Why is it we, the American taxpayers,  can bailout Wallstreet when they claim it’s ‘too complicated’ for even a congressman to understand, and we can’t bail out the millions of Americans who are homeless, jobless, and have no healthcare? My Granny would say, “Child, if you can’t understand it, that means someone doesn’t want you to understand it – so stay away from it.”  It’s a shell game. The people on wall street are not geniuses. Money is not that complicated. Greedy betting schemes, however, can be. In the 1930’s, during the last Great Depression, you can bet that even the poorest farmer could understand who was preying on  them, no matter what the news outlets said.  Why? Because they relied on common sense.
  • How is it deregulation is good for the average american? If it’s so good for us, why is it we get higher prices, more corruption, and less disposable income every time we deregulate something? My Granny used to say, “Never put the fox in charge of the hen house.”
  • Why is Social Security referred to as an entitlement? No one is entitled here. The moniker ‘entitlement’ implies that we did nothing to get it. We all work, we pay in, then when we’re eligible (and I emphasize eligible) you collect on what you’ve contributed. I’ve paid Social Security taxes, haven’t you? If so, then it’s not an entitlement.  Explain to me how investing money in Wallstreet is somehow, in the light of the recent collapse and bailouts, safer than contributing to Social Security? Could it be that the greedy wallstreet executives have found another nest-egg of the american public to raid? My Granny used to say, “When it comes to money, you can’t trust a politician, a televangelist, or an investment banker . If they smell money, they all come running.”

While we’re waiting for rational discussions to happen, let them duke it out, wallow in the mud, discredit one-another, and come November 2012 – get up, get dressed, take your umbrella, and go vote. Until then, inform yourself about who you’re voting for, and anytime one of them wraps an idea in the flag, country, or God  – ask yourself what the facts are. Focus on the facts, not the emotion of the moment. Use your common sense.

Don’t become so fatigued that you start to believe you can’t make a difference. You can make a difference by having your vote counted.

For the record, I am a registered independent. I have voted for republicans and democrats. I wrote this post because I see something insidious happening. People are relying on someone on TV, someone on the radio, or someone else to tell them what to think. As a whole, we have only two reactions: a knee-jerk reaction where we rabidly shout each other down, or a benign ‘who cares’ reaction because we’re so fatigued from the shouting. I’m advocating for a third option: trust your instincts as an individual, look for facts amongst emotion laden rants, and discuss political issues rationally. Listen more than you speak, then vote. And, hey, there’s nothing wrong with turning the talking heads off until they agree to discuss real problems rationally.

Here’s to turning off the talking heads for the next year, doing some reading….and praying.


About Angie Kinsey

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Auntie and Student of Life.

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  1. Well Said,Very Well said.

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