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God helps us ‘See’

A Great Gift We Can All Afford To Give

Many years ago, a woman who had extensive training in customer service told me, “We train our employees to smile when they’re on the telephone.”

I said, “Why? Nobody can see it.”

She responded, “Well, believe it or not, you can hear a smile on the other end of the telephone, and we find that it reduces stress in both the customer and the customer service agent.”

We were sitting in an office, so she had me do a test with her. She called me from the next cubicle and asked me to guess if she was smiling while she talked to me. I numbered each phone call and wrote ‘smile’ next to the number if I thought she was smiling. It took all of about five minutes, but I learned alot in that five minutes.

I could tell 100% of the time if she was smiling while talking to me. it changed the way the conversation went and the way she made me feel.

Over the years, I’ve tried this many times, and I find that if I smile, I usually get a better outcome than if I don’t.

Think about it: It’s free! And, apparently, there are more benefits to smiling:

I’ll leave you with a quote from a friend: “Smile! It looks good on you.”


A few things everyone learns when they’re about to die


Meditate on what Jesus instructed us to do: Love and compassion above all else – love and compassion.  You can’t love with static in your life or negativity in your heart. Eliminate it….or you’re just wasting precious time.