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Let go. 4 Lessons in Creativity

Inspiring and freeing

Vulnerability and Creating

How to you create? How do you live? How do you thrive? How do you “breakdown”? I firmly believe the following:

To create, you must be open.The surest way to close yourself off and shut the world out, is to be familiar with shame. Shame is the quicksand of the soul. Vulnerability is the fertile soil of the imaginationl.

Here’s Brene’ Brown on the importance of  vulnerability. It’s long – 20 minutes, but so worth the watch.

I advise you to watch this video and think about it. Then, tomorrow, when you make the time,  watch the sequel video about shame which I will post promptly at noon.



Nice Guys (and Gals) Do NOT Finish Last

NPR’s interview with Dolly Parton on success, faith, and hard times is a prime example of how God can catapult you to the highest heights from the lowliest of places.

My Grandmother used to tell me, “Where you come from has nothing to do with where you’re going.”  She also used to say, “Let your heart be your guide, but make God your compass.” Dolly’s life sums those sayings up nicely. Check out the interview by clicking on the link below:

Dolly Parton Interview on NPR