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A Lesson in Class

She’s baaaack! That’s right, I’m NOT dead.  Let’s give credit where credit is due: Thank you God!  Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

This illness of mine dragged me down, and when you’re down, it’s easy to get discouraged. When I’m recuperating, I watch old movies because I just love them. They have plot, dialogue, intrigue, romance, and a touch of class I don’t often see anymore.  Audrey Hepburn embodies class. If you’ve never checked out her movies, do so. Even in the worst movie, she shines with class and poise.

Speaking of class, when you’re not feeling your best or a bit discouraged, it’s easy to think people take short-cuts in life. It’s easy to think fortitude doesn’t exist in today’s culture.  If you’re unfortunate enough to click the TV over to one of the reality shows like “Keeping up with the Kardashians” it’s easy to think class is displayed only in old movies. Well, I’m here to tell you that I got a lesson in class this week that I won’t soon forget.

Renea Winchester is an author and public speaker.  She agreed to speak to my writer’s group even though she lives quite  a distance away from me, and we are something of a small group.  She’s written a new book, her second, “Stress-Free Marketing”.  After coming all that way to educate a few writer’s about how the publishing and marketing business works, the least I could do is feed her.

Renea came to my home with another author, Deborah Malone, for dinner.  We had a great time chatting and chowing down on chili.

I’ve seen Renea speak two times. Each time I come away with a lesson in class as well as knowledge.

Renea’s new book outlines how to succeed with hard work and class in a tough business. There are eight million plus books on Amazon as of press time. How is one to succeed without cutting corners, forgetting your manners, or telling white lies?  Renea has it all figured out, and cared enough about others to write it all down for the rest of us.

Why did she do it? She’s concerned that desperate people in desperate times are finally writing that book they’ve always had in them only to be ripped-off by people who have no morals and no class.  This is the kind of person Renea Winchester is: A classy business woman with a writer’s heart. She’s the Audrey Hepburn of the publishing world. Thanks Renea, for making the world a better place and doing it with class.

God helps us ‘See’

A Great Gift We Can All Afford To Give

Many years ago, a woman who had extensive training in customer service told me, “We train our employees to smile when they’re on the telephone.”

I said, “Why? Nobody can see it.”

She responded, “Well, believe it or not, you can hear a smile on the other end of the telephone, and we find that it reduces stress in both the customer and the customer service agent.”

We were sitting in an office, so she had me do a test with her. She called me from the next cubicle and asked me to guess if she was smiling while she talked to me. I numbered each phone call and wrote ‘smile’ next to the number if I thought she was smiling. It took all of about five minutes, but I learned alot in that five minutes.

I could tell 100% of the time if she was smiling while talking to me. it changed the way the conversation went and the way she made me feel.

Over the years, I’ve tried this many times, and I find that if I smile, I usually get a better outcome than if I don’t.

Think about it: It’s free! And, apparently, there are more benefits to smiling:

I’ll leave you with a quote from a friend: “Smile! It looks good on you.”