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Inspiration for people who feel defeated

Lately, I’ve heard from many people who feel defeated. They feel like giving up. They feel like the battle has already been fought, and they’ve already lost.

Have you ever had conversations play out in your head long before you have them, as if you already know what’s going to happen? That’s a trap. It’s a trap of the enemy to get you to concede before the battle is over.

I’ve been guilty of that, but no more.  It affects your attitude and your expectations. It lowers your expectations, and diminishes your attitude.

If you’re going to play out a battle in your head, see yourself as the victor. See yourself winning, see yourself completing, see yourself succeeding.  Better yet, go in with the attitude that you will do your very best, and leave consequences to themselves.

Finally, here’s a clip from one of my favorite movies, “Facing the Giants”. I would recommend it to anyone, and suggest you rent it ASAP if you haven’t seen it.

PS The makers of this movie are releasing a new picture this Friday, September 30th, called Courageous. Why not take it in? I’m going.

What’s the biggest traps you’ve fallen into that make you feel defeated? How did you overcome them?

A world full of judges

Feeling judged, being judged, and judging.  None of these things actually feel good in the long run. Maybe in the very-short run some people feel a tiny hollow thrill when they judge other people, but I’m inclined to agree with Joyce Myer:

“Judging people is a fruit of not loving people.”- Joyce Myer

I’d go a step further and say it’s also the fruit of not loving yourself. Why? Because you cannot summarily judge others unless you feel bad about yourself.  For instance, it’s easy to judge someone by the clothes they wear, call them out on something they said, or label them as ‘evil’  when you hate yourself.  You do it to make yourself feel better about who you think you are. But, most problems (and I dare say even fashion sense) is not that simple.  Not when you’ve taken the time to understand humanity. Not when you’ve truly tried to love and understand your fellow-man.

Matthew 7:1-3 Do not judge, so that you may not be judged. For with the judgement you make, you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get.

You judge yourself by the standards you set for others whether you realize it or not. I would go a step further and say: You miss out on so much life has to offer by judging. Pre-judging is a way of walling off your spirit from the outside world. You don’t let it in. Not fully. Life can be terrible and beautiful and wretched and wonderful. The thing is though – how can you truly experience life if you’re not open to it? How can you understand others when you think you already know them? How can you understand thunder if you don’t try to understand it, truly listen to it, and recreate it?

Ok, did I lose you on that last sentence? If so, check out the video below: (Oh, and by the way, this woman is completely deaf)

What’s your definition of victory?

Is victory winning over another opponent? Is it when you’re circumstances change? Is it when you get prettier or slimmer or smarter, or when you get richer?

Maybe victory is when you’re heart changes…..victory is when you’ve done your best and you’re strong enough to let someone help you…

What’s your definition of victory?