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Attitude is everything

Lately, keeping a good attitude has been difficult. You know of some of my struggles, but let me break the past eight weeks down for you: Lupus flare, shingles, the flu, secondary infection equals bed-rest, injections, pills and frustration. Through it all, I had to keep telling myself that this is a temporary situation, I will get better, and I need to be patient. Patience is not my strong suit, but something I’ve had to practice.

Is it just me, or is the ability to keep a good attitude under assault from the world around us? Or maybe it’s just what we allow into our environments? Or maybe…it’s the thoughts we fill our heads with. I have to choose my thoughts like I choose my clothes each morning – carefully and deliberately. Once it became a habit, I no longer noticed the effort, but the results of fostering a good attitude.

I had a teacher and coach who used to say, “If you don’t go out there knowing that you’ve already won and that all you have to do is execute your victory, then you’ve lost already.”  Those words and a positive attitude helped me through much tougher situations than the last eight weeks of my life.

Happiness doesn’t depend on money, circumstances, or beauty. It depends on your attitude. Don’t believe me? Check out the video, and tell me what you think…


Lighthouses and Shipwrecks

Have you ever seen a lighthouse up close? I just love them. I’ve seen lighthouses on the west coast, the east coast, and the gulf coast. I seek them out.

Lighthouses serve as both beacons and warnings. In daylight, they serve as a warning to ship captains so they know where the rocks are and can avoid them as they pass. In rough seas, they  serve as beacons in the night and offer up hope.

The lighthouse keeper is charged with a heavy responsibility. No matter how bad the weather, in sickness or in health, the lighthouse keeper is charged with making sure the lighthouse is working. To do otherwise would spell tragedy and certain shipwreck. Traditionally, the lighthouse keeper is considered trustworthy and reliable.

As a Christian, are you trustworthy?

1 Corinthians 4:1-2 This is how one should regard us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover, it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy.

We, as Christians, are the lighthouse keepers of the mysteries of God.  Think about that for a moment. We are charged with the mysteries of GOD. No matter the weather,  no matter the size of the tragedy, no matter the seriousness of the situation – we are charged with the mysteries of God.

We are the keepers of the light of the Lord. Everything we do should reflect that light. That’s both heavy responsibility and a joyous charge.

My grandmother always told me, “Honey, you are either an example of light in this world, or a stern warning to others.”

A lighthouse is both.

Not to contradict my grandmother, but I think we are all a bit of both. We are both examples of how to live, and, at times, we are warnings to others. It’s part of being human.

We’re usually very quick to share testimony that’s positive, but we’re not usually quick to share testimony that is unpopular or highlights our mistakes.  I think both testimonies are equally important. It’s not whether we screw up or not. We all screw up. What matters is whether or not we’re willing to shine a light on our mistakes as well as our triumphs. To me, that’s being responsible enough to hold the light of the Lord.

Do you care enough to shine?

Do you care enough to share your testimony with the world? We need to live our lives as instructed by the Bible, but we don’t always do that. When we mess up, I don’t think we should let shame rule and keep it to ourselves. I think we should share it. I think that’s testimony too. Who knows, your testimony may help someone stay off the rocks you already steered into.

Here’s to letting love rule today, and to shining your light as bright as possible.

The Power of Intensity

My husband is the Bruce Lee of romance. No kidding. He can bust a romantic move faster than Bruce Lee could do a two-finger push-up or punch you in the face.

Not familiar with Bruce Lee, you say? (Shriek!)  He was only the greatest martial artist ever.  Bruce Lee was so fast that, at the time, cameras could not capture his speed as illustrated here:

His punch was so powerful that he could knock a grown man flat from two inches away:

Bruce Lee was also a nutritionist, a philosopher, and a body-builder before any of these things were popular. He used his brain, body, and spirit to accomplish incredible feats. He pushed the limits, and then pushed some more.  Bruce Lee changed the world with his intensity and dedication, and made all of our lives richer for having done so.

My husband changed my world, and continues to do so every day. How? By using affection and romance with a  Bruce Lee intensity. He practices it everyday by  sending  me messages of affection, demonstrations of love, and creates romantic moments just for me. He can turn my worst moment around by offering up affection and a kind word at just the right moment.

We’re  not born knowing how to do these things. It takes practice and patience. Lucky for me, my husband practices romance like Bruce Lee practiced Jeet Kune Do which, by the way, Mr. Lee  invented.

Can you imagine how much the world would change if we all practiced our faith with Bruce Lee’s intensity?

Here’s to pushing our limits today, taking chances, and changing the world with God’s help and a faith that can’t be stopped.