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Just Breathe

When I feel like my head is about to explode and I just can’t take one more thing going “wrong” in my life, I have to find my sanity. I find I like myself, and others definitely like me more, when I take time to breathe.

By that I mean I must allow my mind, body, and soul to focus on something other than day-to-day things and allow myself to just BE. I tend to be able to find my center and rediscover who I really am when I trudge around in nature.

This weeks destination: Cloudland Canyon

Greatest quote this week: “How can people look at this and not know there is a God” – my youngest son.

Where do you like to go to find yourself again?


Are your intentions a cape or a whip?

Words are a cape or a whip. We all know this from experience. Comforting words encourage us and make us feel better. Hateful words wound us and foster doubt and shame. What if not just words affect us, but intentions alone?

Studies show a type of emotional currency that takes place for all of God’s creations. The most commonly cited study is that of Masaru Emoto. According to Masaru Emoto the power of words and the power of intention affect the formation of water crystals. Put simply, water from the same source placed in different containers are subjected to words, meditation, prayer, and even written words. Language doesn’t seem to matter just the meaning behind the word. Some words are negative and some are positive. The most brilliant crystals form when subjected to “I love you”. The most stunted and ugly crystals form when subjected to “I hate you”. The words do not have to be spoken to cause the same effect.

If water responds to words and intentions in a physical way, then imagine what happens to people who are made up of mostly water.

My flowers become more beautiful when I tell them they’re beautiful – even before they bloom. Call me crazy, but it works. The flowers I ignore just aren’t as pretty when they bloom as those I ‘encourage’.

People respond the same way – especially children. You can usually tell by looking at a crowd of kids which children are loved and which ones aren’t. The same is true for adults, but we get better at hiding our wounds as we get older so it’s more difficult to tell.

My recommendation for today is: Listen to your inner voice. If you “feel” someone does not wish you anything but beauty, joy, and happiness – run from them. Don’t wait or question – just get away as quick as you can. Run as if you are out running the lash of a whip because you are.

Remember, too, that we determine our intentions toward ourselves. Scientists now know what our mothers have long said, “You believe the sound of your own voice above all others”. What do you think/say to yourself when you face yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning? Is it critical? If so, you might want to re-think that. Ditch the shame, doubt, and criticism. Say “I love you” day after day and see what happens.

How do I know for sure this works? My husband tells me without fail every day of my life that I am beautiful. At first, because I’d never truly felt beautiful and because no one ever told me that before, I felt embarrassed. Over time though, I began to see myself through his eyes. I felt beautiful for the first time in 43 years. I know now that I should have had someone telling me that every day of my life, beginning with me. Instead, I had quite the opposite. I must say, the change looks good on me. 🙂

Do others make you feel shame or doubt without even speaking? What do you feel about yourself? Why?