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Fridays are Lite-topic days. Music, Art, Jokes or Funny Personal Experiences.

God’s Majestic Cathedral

I recently read an article about Ben Canales and his methods for taking incredible photographic shots.  What I saw in the article left me speechless, and hopefully you will feel the same way.


His photography captures the night sky, God’s Cathedral, and allows us to marvel at its majesty without ever leaving home.

Here’s to making your own date with God’s Cathedral to revel in His creation.

The full article can be seen here.


Have you ever prayed this way?

I have to admit, at one time, I was absolutely guilty of this. Thanks to God, and His awesome power, I realized that love is waaaay more powerful than hate.

When I truly listened to God, He showed me there is a better way to pray. Here’s how:

Here’s to having fun this weekend and letting love rule.

Unexpected Talents for Lite Friday

I’m always amazed that God gives us the ability to adapt and change in the most unexpected ways to overcome the challenges in our lives.  Here’s a video clip to demonstrate that even God’s smallest creatures can adapt in unexpected ways: