A new meaning to “Come as You Are”

The motto for the Methodist Church is: “Come as You Are”.  That’s a motto we can all aspire to, no matter our faith or affiliation.  

When I was a child, the excuse in this video was the only excuse for not going to Church or Sunday-School:

My life was saved by many women in the Church who were alot like Miss Devine. In my life, when I felt I couldn’t go on anymore, I thought back on the words whispered in my ear by the ladies of my Church and the women like Miss Devine, “Child, get yourself up and keep walking. God is at your back.” I am not in prison, on drugs, or in the gutter because of people just like Miss Devine. We need more Miss Devine’s in this world…..

Here’s to being ‘divine’ to a child in your neighborhood.


About Angie Kinsey

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Auntie and Student of Life.

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  1. Yep,I agree. Reminds me of some of the stories I hear when we have dinner on the grounds.

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